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Personal Bodyguard and Executive Security Services

Top of the Line Security (TLS) is based in Yonkers and provides personal security services in the greater New York City area, including Westchester, the Bronx, Manhattan and the rest of the 5 boroughs.

TLS specializes in bodyguard protection, both armed and unarmed. We can work with celebrities, executives such as CEOs and company founders, board of directors, athletes, or anyone who believes they may be in danger or just wants peace of mind knowing they are being protected.

Specialized protective services may seem like overkill for all but the most likely-targeted people, but the truth is that everyday situations in seemingly safe areas aren’t necessarily risk free. Hostile activities, whether opportunistic or planned, can affect the safety, reputation and welfare of you, your family or your business.

In some cases you may only need a bodyguard for a day, rather than a prolonged period of time. At TLS we offer everything from one day to long term services. If you’d like to hire a bodyguard, contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

Close Personal Protection

Executive protection services can sometimes incorporate a wide-variety of services, depending on the client’s needs. On top of bodyguards, these might include home security systems, armored vehicles, travel logistics and planning, background checks, threat analysis and more.

TLS at this time provides protection from well-trained professional bodyguards, but does not provide the other additional services listed above.

Our private bodyguards are stringently vetted for expertise in keeping our clients safe and secure. We and our agents handle our clients with the confidentiality, care and professionalism the profession demands.

We can of course provide all required documentation such as our state-issued license, insurances, certificates and registrations that allow TLS and our agents to offer personal security detail services.

Blackwater, Gavin de Becker and more

“Executive protection” was coined in the 1970s by the Secret Service when they created a service to guard foreign VIPs visiting the United States. It has since made its way into common parlance due to news stories, best-selling books and movies.

There are a few nationally-known brands in the private security industry. You’ve probably heard of Blackwater, which many believe to be a bodyguard or private security company but was actually much more. The security services company was renamed Xe Services in 2009 and is now known as Academi. Today it provides training and managed support to large organizations and the US government.

Gavin de Becker & Associates is another big name in personal security, due to the founder’s numerous books, TV and news appearances.

Companies like these deal primarily with enormous contracts, large organizations and companies or extremely high networth individuals.

The TLS Personal Bodyguard Difference

If you are looking for a company to provide the personal touch and close management of your contract that you won’t get with the big security companies, TLS is right for you. If you are looking for a bodyguard in Yonkers you can come visit us in person, and no matter where you are located we can come to you to discuss your needs.

Why We’re The Right Choice for Your Security Needs

Over 10 years experience in the security business. We give 100% to each and every client.

5 Easy Steps to a Security Contract with TLS

  1. Discuss the requirements and goals of the job.
  2. Walkthrough the specifics of the location/area/people involved.
  3. A solution will be proposed based on steps one and two
  4. Agreement on pricing and review of contract
  5. Make a decision, then sleep well at night knowing your security needs are in great hands
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